What could a competent PA do for your business?

September 26, 2017 2:24 pm

I’ve been watching The Strike Series: The Cuckoos Calling and Silkworm on BBC TV with interest, particularly from the point of view of Cormoran Strike’s glamorous red headed temp, Robin Ellacott. During her time temping at his private detective agency she had applied for and was offered a safe HR job in a big corporation but turned it down when she realised she relished her role as his PA and wanted to the arrangement to become permanent.

Why did she choose him?

She understood what he needed. She had a desire to become a private investigator herself. He didn’t need to ask her to do anything … she was intelligent enough to work out what needed doing and used her initiative to just get on with the job in hand.

She could do the research that her boss didn’t have time to do himself and enjoyed going out to meet important contacts on his behalf. She quickly got to know him and his business and the trust between them was what made it work. She loved the involvement and the quiet appreciation from her boss.

Her attention to detail, her ability to build relationships, her competence and willingness to try new ideas coupled with his trust to let her get on with it helped solve the case and the business was soon inundated with new work.

Would Cormoran have solved the case without her help? She made a difference to his business. She was so much more than a PA – she was a ‘partner’ he could trust to help him develop his business.

Freelance Personal Assistant

Kirstie Harris of Ideamaze

What could a competent PA do for your business?

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